Resources for health care practitioners

Explore up-to-date findings and information intended for health professionals, including the medical form, health and dosing guidelines, and some of the most comprehensive research on medical cannabis.

Medical Document

Fill out this form outlining daily usage, prescription duration, and THC limits to prescribe medical cannabis to a patient.

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Medical Cannabis Product Guide

Explore products and learn how to choose the right therapy options for each patient.

Physician Guide

Discover a safe and straightforward approach for supporting patients using cannabinoid therapy.

Guidelines and research

Policy and Guidance from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario

Following the Cannabis Act, the College has set out expectations for physicians when considering and prescribing cannabis for medical reasons.

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Health Canada – Cannabis for Medical Purposes Under the Cannabis Act

Get the most recent regulations from Health Canada as well as links to research initiatives and the latest survey.

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Health Canada – Information for Health Care Professionals: Cannabis (Marihuana, Marijuana) and the Cannabinoids

Prepared by the Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Branch at Health Canada, this document provides information on the use of cannabis and cannabinoids for medical purposes.

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Health Canada – Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations – Daily Amount Fact Sheet (Dosage)

To answer questions regarding dosage and daily amounts of cannabis for specific medical conditions, this fact sheet covers dosage considerations for medical practitioners.

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The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids: The Current State of Evidence and Recommendations for Research

In one of the most comprehensive studies of recent research on the health effects of recreational and therapeutic cannabis use, this report offers a rigorous review of relevant scientific research published since 1999.

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Explore key therapeutic uses for medical cannabis

Scientific and clinical evidence cannabinoid therapy may provide benefits for a wide range of conditions and symptoms. Get the latest findings on when and how cannabis can support patients on the path to better health outcomes.

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Approximately 1/3 of Canadians will experience a chronic pain condition at some point in their lifetime.

Sleeping Trouble

Sleeping Trouble

Approximately 40% of Canadians self-report experiencing at least one symptom of insomnia three times a week.

Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & Depression

More than 31% of Canadians suffer from anxiety.

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