Medical cannabis made simple

Tilray Medical strives to positively impact the lives of patients around the world through medical cannabis. Tilray Medical and its portfolio of innovative medical cannabis brands strive to transform the healthcare system and be recognized as the global leader in medical cannabis; empowering patients and their healthcare practitioners to make informed, individualized healthcare decisions. Learn More

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Registration made simple

We’ve made it easy for you to join the thousands of patients on their journeys with medical cannabis.

Step 1: Get A Prescription

Medical cannabis requires a medical document. Use our clinic finder to find prescribing healthcare practitioners.

Step 2: Create An Account

Create an online account in 3 easy steps to begin your registration process.

Is medical cannabis right for me?

Every patient’s situation is unique, requiring a personalized level of care to suit their individual requirements. We harness the combined strength of scientific research and thousands of data points to help patients and healthcare practitioners to employ medical cannabis for their unmet medical needs.

I would like help

managing my pain


Approximately 1/3 of Canadians will experience a chronic pain condition at some point in their lifetime.

I am having

trouble sleeping

I am having

Approximately 40% of Canadians report experiencing at least one symptom of insomnia three times a week.

I am feeling

anxious and/or depressed

I am feeling

More than 31% of Canadians suffer from anxiety.

I need help

alleviating my nausea

I am feeling

Medical cannabis can be effective in managing symptoms like chemo-induced nausea, and appetite stimulation.

Cannabis Is Medicine

Cannabis Is Medicine

When consumed responsibly, medical cannabis can be an effective and safe therapeutic agent, and a positive part of a healthy lifestyle. Recent research indicates that cannabis can provide relief of symptoms from a variety of ailments, such as pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Help your patients register

We simplify the process for you and your patients while helping you make important decisions to ensure the best care. After being prescribed medical cannabis, it’s important that patients get registered to be able to place their orders. Access resources and information to help them with this process.

Help your patients register

Savings for veterans and first responders

Tilray Medical believes in the power of medical cannabis and is dedicated to making it affordable to all who require it. That’s why we are proud to offer unique pricing programs, which help provide more affordable access to medical cannabis.